Discounts on Toyota, Mazda, Subary, Hyundai, KIA and many more


The savings shown below are just a very small sample of what we get. It does not mean that certain makes are likely to result in greater or smaller savings. It is very rare that a dealer will sell below cost (but it does happen) and you should not expect to get a below-cost deal. In the vast majority of cases, dealers will not be willing to make a loss on a car. But we can usually get them to sell at a very small margin.

Make Price Saving
Dealer Car Broker
Nissan $67,000 $65,860 $1,140
Honda $20,000 $19,708 $292
Subaru $36,589 $34,210 $2,379
KIA $36,995 $36,433 $562
Holden $33,500 $31,887 $1,613
Make Price Saving
Dealer Car Broker
Honda $24,990 $23,653 $1,337
Holden $39,240 $36,673 $2,567
Holden $36,184 $35,177 $1,007
VW $64,143 $60,199 $3,944
Mitsubishi $20,300 $19,420 $880

What clients have told us:

"I took delivery of the new car today. Until it actually happened I had a concern at the back of my mind that it was too good to be true to get the car at the price you obtained for me, with no catches. The dealer rep has been great and I have had no sense of getting cut price service to go with the low price.
So, thank you. I am sold and based on my experience I am sure your business will continue to grow simply by word of mouth....mine will be among the loudest."
-- P.B. (Sydney)

"Thankyou very much CarBroker for helping us to buy our new car. We are very happy with the process of buying a car through CarBroker.
We usually have big arguments over haggling so it was a great relief to get CarBroker to do all the hard work to relieve the stress on us and our marriage. And we still got a great price!"
-- N & M (Sydney)

"I've been with the RACV for over 10 years. I just didn't realise what a premium I was paying for the service. Going with your car insurance recommendation and the roadside assist is saving me several hundred dollars every year!"
-- C.A. (Ballarat)

"I picked up my new Nissan Patrol on Friday afternoon.
I would like to thank you for all the work you did on my behalf and the fantastic price you secured my new car for.
It was so good not to have to do the rounds of the car yards and try to beat car sales people at what they do best.
Your website was also great with tips on how to sell my other car as well as all the other information available on it.
The dealership was very professional as well and the car was ready as promised and in a very nice condition."
-- B.W. (Queensland)

"Negotiating a deal with a professional car salesman is tough and time-consuming, especially if you don't have a lot of local experience. Having someone act on your behalf creates an advantage that can't be ignored, and I have to say the $4,900 saving that I achieved off a $43,300 vehicle via is definitely worth the minimal cost of registering an interest at the CarBroker web site. Thanks to Chris Wilson for this much-appreciated service."
-- C.P. (Sydney)

"Just picked up the Madza and we are both delighted with the price and the service. Your service is brilliant ... I can't of a better way to buy a new car. On behalf of Val and myself a BIG THANK YOU!"
-- K.J. (Melbourne)

"Chris, You are a champ. Your advice on the trade-in worked a treat.
I have a buyer at $14,280. A cool $2280 above the original figure! Thanks mate!"
-- B.W. (Melbourne)

"I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the discounts of RRP that the dealer was putting down, more than made up for the cost of the fog lights and the paint protection which I optioned in!
I signed the dotted line and bought my first brand new Hyundai. I will take delivery less than a week after signing, which I find quite impressive."
-- S.B. (Sydney)

"This is the very first time that I have ever bought anything via the internet, or ever done any business over this means, and so I want to specially thank you for honouring my trust.
Yet you also did much more than that, you got me a far bigger saving, (over twice that which I imagined possible), with a good and reputable dealer, delivered at our nominated timing, and you displayed great patience with myself through the process.
This is my wife's very first new car and she is absolutely delighted with it. So much so, that she has not even allowed me to have a drive of it yet.
And so I guess we have all been winners, haven't we? And what could be better than that?"
-- K.S. (Brisbane)

"I know what you mean when you say 'buyer's remorse'. I've had it each time I bought a new car except this time. It's a great feeling to
a) get a great price
b) avoid the huge stress.
Seeing things from 'the other side' has made me a convert: This is the way to buy a car! Thanks for a great business."
-- M.W. (Perth)

"All went well with the sale - your dealer was helpful, friendly and arranged the tray with no fuss or fanfare. The whole process has been totally painless and I will (and have been) recommend your service to everyone."
-- R.H. (Mitcham, VIC)

"Your prompt and professional service was very appreciated, and we will recommend your service on to our friends and family."
-- C.K. (Melbourne)

"Your manner and professionalism on the phone is excellent. It was a real pleasure to deal with you. I wish you the best in the future, and you can rest assured I will be back!"
-- M.F. (Sydney)

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say that this is a fantastic service you offer, especially for a woman as it takes away the pain of dealing with car salesmen.
Using your service saved me thousands of dollars and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and colleagues, in fact one has already logged on to get a quote today."
-- S.T. (Sydney)

"Just a short note to say thank you for brokering the purchase of my new car. The MX-5 is fantastic and what's even better is the great price you negotiated for me. The Paint Protection went on with ease and the finish is superb. I'm glad you recommended it.
The entire experience has been a positive one for me. I will gladly recommend your company to any of my friends or family who are thinking of purchasing a vehicle in the future."
-- R.H. (Adelaide)

"Thanks to Chris and the guys at A1 Car broker we took delivery of a top of the range model for the same price as a dealer had quoted for the base model.
No haggling, no hassles, no hesitation in recommending this service."
-- M.F. (Perth)

"We weren't sure what to expect when using this service. It turned out to be one of the cheapest, stress-free and best investments we've ever made! Within a few hours of our enquiry came up with a deal that saved us 13% off the recommended retail price of a new car. Further, by using the advice provided to members regarding the sale of our used car we were able to get $1500 more than any previous trade-in offer in just a matter of hours! This is a fantastic service that in total, put about $5000.00 in OUR pocket - not the dealer's! We'll never buy another new car again without going straight to!"
-- D.W. (Sydney)

"I would like to thank you and your organisation for your assistance in the purchase of my new Hyundai Tiburon.
As you are aware, I am Sales Manager of a busy company in Brisbane, and I did not have to leave my office once during the 4 days it took to find the car,organise trade-in,arrange for extras and deliver the car.
I would have no hesitation in recomending your organisation to both, my friends and interested parties looking to purchase a new car. Thanks again and good luck in the future"
-- B.R. (Brisbane)

"I am impressed by your professional approach with your customers. Therefore, I have already recommended your service to my collegues, friends.
I would again use your service in the future when I buy the next car for my wife.
I will continue support you and your dealers in the future as you all are doing wonderful jobs !"
-- LI.I. (Brisbane)

"Thanks for your help. Must admit I was very sceptical in dealing 'on line' with an unknown person/company. As a single woman I don't want the hassle of going backwards and forwards, playing one dealer off the other. I used the internet to get a measure of what's reasonable and then it's 'give me your best price' no second chance. Some people can't get their head around that but life's too short. I only want to deal with ethical people. I'm happy that a salesperson makes a profit but it has to be fair for both parties.
Thanks and I'll be recommending your site to friends."
-- M.F. (Brisbane)

"Thanks for the quote. I am kicking my self slightly. In the weekend I went to my local dealer to test drive the car and was offered exactly my spec with 1500km on the clock. 3 months old for $55K (the GMs car). I had to make a call on the spot because another chap was also looking at it. I thought this would be pretty hard to beat so i went for it. If i had waited i guess i would have an absolutely new car and with 12 months worth of rego not 9. We live and learn. Next time.
Thanks and regards"
-- W.D. (Sydney)

"I must say that your service is excellent - using it should be a "no brainer" for anyone buying a car.
Gaining access to a sourcing professional with deep domain expertise to assist with a high value purchase for under a $100 is fantastic. Many thanks"
-- I.H. (Perth)

"Delivering what you promise is the foundation of good business. I am sure that's why you sell so many cars for people like myself.
Keep up the good work!"
-- L.B. (Sydney)

"...your professionalism and responsiveness is incredible... exceeding my expectations that were already quite high due to the information available, and style and tone of your website."
-- C. H. (Brisbane)

"Thank you again.
I could not have asked for better service. Having been faced with unhelpful dealers it was just so easy to place a Internet request on Thursday and to be in a new car Monday afternoon, it was more than I could have asked for.
I would definitely recommend the services that you provide, without hesitation."
-- P.H. (Canberra)

"WOW FACTOR!! For the sevice provided, the lovely people that are always a pleasure to deal with and the easy delivery of the new car that I requested - I am an extremely happy customer. I was lucky to stumble across the A1 Car Broker website and have told friends and family that there is no better way to buy.
Chris - thanks for doing a great deal for me in the purchase of the Toyota - saved me thousands of $$$ and found me a beautiful new car. Fantastic website & a lovely person to do business with. Cheers!!"
-- C.S. (Rye)

"Being a single woman, the thing I appreciated most was not being ripped off by sleazy car salesmen.
I actually paid much less than a guy working in my office who bought (almost) the same car!"
-- L.R. (Sydney)

"Thank you for the service. The advice was good and the price reasonable. The dealer came to me at work both to value the trade in and to deliver the new car."
-- T.A. (Melbourne)

"I am very pleased with the outcome, and I will certainly recommend it to my friends in the future."
-- D.F. (Sydney)

"Just a note to say a HUGE THANK-YOU for your services.
You were very prompt in replying, and saved us $3000 on the purchase of our new car (almost 10% on the total cost of the car).
With a young family, that's a huge saving for us. Thank-you again."
-- K.S. (Brisbane)

"I received my new car last week which was the fisrt time I set foot on a car lot during this and it was one of the most painless experiences! I have and will continue recommending your services to all my friend and colleges.
Thanks for the prompt, professional service and the huge savings."
-- C.J. (Brisbane)

"Living overseas but about to return to Australia, we found that buying a new car was going to be a daunting process. took all the hassle out of it and came up with a very competitive price as well. All we had to do was choose the model, pay a deposit and then pick up the car as soon as we arrived back in Australia.
This is a great service for expats who are returning to Australia"
-- P.H. (Yamba)

"...In any event, and irrespective of which car she decides on, we will certainly be using you and Kim (your finance broker)."
-- F.W. (Melbourne)

"Thank you very much for an excellent service. I will certainly recommend you to all and any prospective car-buyers I come across in the future."
-- M.T. (Melbourne)

"We saved around $1500 which was absolutely fantastic given that it resulted from only one web enquiry and five minutes of our time!
Thankyou so much.
And, yes, we will tell others of your service."
-- J.T. (Canberra)

"All I wanted was to buy a car with no hassle and at a decent price. I was very happy with your service and I will use you again in the future.
I guess that says it all, doesn't it?"
-- A.M. (Brisbane)

"Just a brief note to say thanks for your outstanding service. You managed to find a dealer who was prepared to reduce the purchase by some $6750 inclusive of all costs and then you went further by haggling for a better trade in for me giving me a change over cost of exactly $13500 less...
THAT I CALL SERVICE...I shall certainly be singing your praises."
-- K.B. (Sydney)

"It is a sorely needed service as we have had nothing but stress and grief with the dealers we have approached ourselves."
-- J.F. (Melbourne)

"This is by far the best money I have EVER spent. An outlay of just a few dollars saved me thousands - even on a limited edition vehicle! In fact, I saved so much I added a few optional accessories and still bought the vehicle at less than the retail price for the car alone (not to mention dealer delivery fees and charges). The savings didn't end there. I saved another bundle with the insurance you recommended (approx 33% less than another quote I already had). The savings here will continue for years to come!
Not only will I be recommending your services to everyone I know, I will be using your services again myself. This is the ultimate car purchasing experience!
Thank you again for your excellent service and attention to detail."
-- M.K. (Brisbane)

"I haven't met you in person but felt like I knew you for ages. I really appreciate for the great help and assistance right through the process.
I got my car yesterday. I Thank you once again for the best customer service. I will call you later.
I just can't believe that computer technology and modern technology has really made the process quicker than I ever thought without compromising on service."
-- W.F. (Melbourne)

"Don't know how you achieve your prices but it certainly makes a difference, avoids the hassle of dealing with salesmen and has been excellent value for money. Will definitely recommend your services to family and friends."
-- A.J. (Melbourne)

"A short note to say thanks for the professional and profitable service that you've just delivered to me. Getting the best price from the city and then translating to a country dealer in a small town made it a lot easier.
You'd be surprised how many times we bump into each other, and taking the local personality out of the negotiation was much appreciated by both the dealer and myself."
-- K.P. (Armidale)

"I just want to say thank you for all your effort in getting me a good deal on the car. I managed to save close to $6,000 from the initial quote given to us by a Toyota car dealer.
I am very happy with your service and will surely recommend you to all my friends who are keen to buy a new car."
-- N.A. (VIC)

"Just to let you know that we took delivery of the new Mazda SP23 last night with the customer service from the dealer first class.
I would like to take this oportunity in thanking you for your help, professional advice and most important getting me a great deal on the Mazda SP23 that I would never have achieved."
-- C.A. (Perth)

"I drove around in my old car most of today and decided that I really had enough of it.
Your quoted price of $18,200 is at least $1,000 cheaper than any of the others; I have been to three different dealers and haggled all day long."
-- S.L. (Brisbane)

"Fast replies, great service and most importantly, extraordinary prices.
Anyone buying a new car not using this service is not fair dinkum about getting the best price and probably paying too much. The service saved me thousands.
Will definitely be using it again when next buying a new car and have been telling all my friends about it. Keep up the good work."
-- J.G. (Perth)

"I’d just like to comment on how smooth it was to purchase my car using your service. The finance broker you put me on to helped the hip pocket as much as the price you were able to secure for me. Thank you so much for making a major purchase easy, smooth and without buyer’s remorse.
I will be looking you up when it comes time to replace our other car and I will continue to recommend you to all my family and friends"
-- M.P. (Melbourne)

"Picking up car on Friday. Saved >$3000. Thanks for everything. Would recommend process highly. Thanks!"
-- H.M. (Brisbane)

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