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At we not only offer a car brokering service, we offer the full package. Our promise to you is that our service will remove the stress from buying and selling your car, not only because our ethos is all about getting you the best price, it’s also about giving you the best service we can. Since 2003 we have been honing our skills, refining our cutting-edge software, and fostering the relationships we have with a vast network of dealerships and our clients. These are our services…


We Are Professional Car Brokers

More than the average car broker company, will find you the lowest price for the car, and specs of your choice. Through our large network of over 2000 dealerships, we are able to negotiate more easily than an individual client going into a dealership. We can find you both new and used cars without favour and we will even advise and assist you on selling your old car.


Other Car Brokers

While we hate to dismiss the competition, many car brokers do not display their car prices on their websites. Often these car brokers opt to phone you and pressure you in that way to make a decision. not only display our car prices online but we are also able to give you individual advice via email to allow you the breathing room to make a considered decision within the time while our quote is valid. While you make your decision, you can be assured that we are able to find you a car in your area because we operate nationally.


We Give You Professional Advice

Choosing the right car can be an arduous task for those who are not car-obsessed, luckily, we are car obsessed! We have to keep up with trends, technology and new models all the time. Our vast wealth of car knowledge enables us to give you the best car advice and make sure you don’t make any potentially costly mistakes. We can discuss your needs either telephonically or over email to establish a shortlist of your favourite cars.


What You Can Expect From

We not only operate efficiently throughout Australia, but we also assist immigrants and expats in buying new or used cars. People coming from the US, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and South Africa and the UK have the convenience of being able to fetch a new car on arrival. With full disclosure of our fees and a fast turn around, you will become a customer for life.


Our Sell Only Service

For those who don’t intend to buy a new car, who only want to sell their old car, we will give you advice on how to sell privately or to dealerships through our unlimited email support for members. With our advice, you can get your car sold quickly and for the best price.


Our Finance Broker Service

Whether you want to take advantage of tax benefits, pay a deposit, not pay a deposit, or mitigate your risk, we can advise you and help you get finance approval. Our experts can help you with almost any type of car financing to best suit your or your company’s needs.


Taking Care of Our Corporate Customers

We have a reputation for the efficient and professional service we give our corporate and our private clients. Our corporate car brokering ensures the most competitive prices and fast turnaround times. This is why we work successfully with some of Australia’s biggest corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.


We Will Help You Find Cheap Insurance

Finding the right insurance is another way to save money on your monthly expenses, it’s not always easy though. Our team has extensive experience in this matter, making it easier for us to help you find the cheapest insurance along with the perfect package to suit your needs. We do all of this while avoiding any hidden costs.


Get the Best Deal on Your Extended Warranty

Some car dealerships routinely inflate not only the price of their cars but also the price of their extended warranties. will get you a competitive quote and help you secure your extended warranty. You will save hundreds of dollars on both your repairs and the cost of the extended warranty itself. Our extended warranties are available for privately bought cars and older cars too.


Get Paint and Fabric Protection

The harsh Australian sun really degrades your paintwork, but with AutoGard paintgard you can protect old and new cars from the sun, bird droppings and corrosion while it repels foreign matter. AutoGard is easy to apply at home, or you can also ask a detailing professional to apply it.

For fabric protection, we can recommend AutoGard carpet and fabricgard. This product gives your car interior protection against permanent stains from spills and accidents. Your carpets, fabric and velour won’t bear the marks made by coffee, milk and other food. This non toxic formula also prevents wear, and fading.


We Assist Immigrants and Expats

Finding, organising and buying a car from another county may seem impossible primarily because it’s already difficult to deal with dealerships from so far away. will take the reins and sort out all the details though. Whether you are returning to or moving to Australia, we will help you find, buy, insure, and finance your new car. We do all this while still saving you as much money as we can. You can rely on us for the same professional, speedy service as always, and your car will be ready to pick up on arrival too.

With all the services offers, the process of buying a car suddenly becomes manageable. From finding and financing your dream car to keeping it protected from the sun, without skipping a beat, we help you throughout the process. With us, you get to adore your new toy without dealing with the stress that comes along with buying it.

For more information or advice, contact us today.