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We can help you with virtually any method of financing.

Novated Lease / Salary Packaging

For those who have the option of receiving a car as part of their salary package, novated leases are very popular. You can read more about novated leases and salary packaging here.
Or click here and get the best of both worlds and sign up for a novated lease while driving a car for personal use.

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage provides finance for companies and business professionals to purchase goods such as motor vehicles, trucks, earth moving, industrial plant and professional equipment, which are for business use more than 50% of the time.
You take ownership of the vehicle upon delivery, and the finance company secures the loan via a mortgage on the vehicle.
The main benefits with chattel mortgages are as follows:

  • Tax deductible. The chattel mortgage will produce tax benefits if the vehicle is used to produce assessable income.
  • No deposit. 100% of the vehicle can usually be financed under a chattel mortgage.
  • Early repayment. The mortgage can be paid in full before the term ends.
  • Fixed interest.
  • Term. The term can be one to five years.

To discuss your options (including chattel mortgages) please go to our Pre Approved Finance section and fill in your details.

Consumer Loan (secured)

A Consumer Loan is designed for individuals who want to use their car mainly for private purposes, and for whom private ownership is important. It offers loans with or without balloon payments. By utilising a balloon value you can reduce your payments considerably and improve your cash flow.

You can structure the monthly installments to suit individual budgetary requirements. By opting to place a deposit, or by nominating a final lump sum payment at the end of the finance term, you can conveniently decrease your monthly repayments, giving you greater security when managing your budget and planning your financial commitments.

Ownership is transferred to you as soon as the first payment is made, in exchange for security over the vehicle. This is discharged upon payment of the final installment.

You may also be given the opportunity to re-finance your final lump sum payment at the end of the contract term.

Simple steps to get started

Click here if you wish to get a quote or be pre-approved and one of our friendly team member would give you a call and discuss the most suitable finance options for your next car purchase.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is used by companies and business professionals to allow them to use business goods (such as a vehicle). At the end of the lease, you may purchase the car, re-finance it or return it to the finance company who would sell it at market value (You would need to make up the shortfall if the net sale was less than the agreed residual value).
The main benefits with a finance lease are as follows:

  • No initial cash outlay.
  • Match cash flow. A finance lease allows the lessee to select a lease term and repayments to suit their cash flow. Lease rentals and residual values can be negotiated within an appropriate range to allow more flexibility in budgeting.
  • Frees up assets. The vehicle itself is normally the only security required.

A Finance Lease does not require a deposit, and so gives you immediate use of the vehicle. Payments are fixed for the term of the lease, allowing fixed budgeting for your financial planning. For added flexibility you have the option to refinance the vehicle or make an offer to purchase the vehicle for the residual value at the end of the lease.
To discuss your options (including finance leases) please go to our Pre Approved Finance section and fill in your details.

Operating Lease / Rental

An Operating Lease is essentially a rental agreement where the costs are fixed and there is no residual exposure at the end of the contract. This means that provided return requirements are met, you can simply hand the vehicle back at the end of the term.

  • No initial cash outlay.
  • Less risk. The risk and responsibility of disposing the vehicle is removed from your business.
  • Tax deductible. The operating lease will produce tax benefits if the vehicle is used to produce assessable income.