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Fleet Purchases

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Fleet Purchase Discounts

There are two types of fleet discounts:

  1. Factory Fleet (also known as National Fleet).
  2. General Fleet.

There are also various “corporate programs” typically offered by the more upmarket makes.

National Fleet

National Fleet discounts are funded by the manufacturer and the dealer together. They are designed to allow makes compete harder against each other. They are only available in a very limited number of makes and are also model-specific. The general rule is that the buyer has to buy 7 or more cars per year of the particular make to be eligible. Company employees can be eligible if their employer has an agreement with the manufacturer. If you have a business, can help you determine which level of manufacturers fleet discount you may be eligible for. There are different levels of National Fleet discounts, depending on the company and make.

General Fleet

General Fleet discounts are wholly funded by the dealer. The dealer decides who is eligible for these discounts. standard discounting would come under this classification.

Corporate Programs

Some makes – typically luxury vehicle manufacturers – have corporate programs that may include such things as service discounts etc. Eligibility is determined by the manufacturer. Using will ensure that you take advantage of these types of programs if you are eligible.

Deep Discounting

There are ways of getting deeper discounting than National Fleet (which is usually considered to be as low as you can get). That is what specialises in.

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