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Sell Only Service

Whether you want to trade your car, or just sell it without buying a new (or used) one: You have a car to get rid of for the best price possible. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of in a trade-in situation. It is common for people to lose thousands of dollars on their old car when selling.

With 20+ years of experience, we can show you the best ways to dispose of a car. The information includes:

  • Unlimited email support for general car advice for the duration of your membership.
  • The factors that help determine whether to go for a private or dealer sale.
  • How to estimate an accurate value for your car, and what finance companies use to estimate prices.
  • How to prepare your car for sale and make it run its best with very little extra cost.
  • Where and how to get the best price for your old car quickly (in a matter of hours). Not for private sale.
  • How to negotiate a private sale or a dealer sale.
  • In what situations you should spend time and money on your car before you sell it.
  • The 3 circumstances under which you should trade your car instead of making a direct sale.

Access to the above information (and more) is $19.95. You’ll make the money back 10 times over if you use our methods. It’s not complicated. It’s knowledge gained from 20+ years in the industry.

NOTES: If for any reason you are not satisfied that this information is worth $19.95, we will give you a full refund. Membership duration is 3 months.

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