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The Catches

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The Catches

There are a two “catches” when you use our service:

  • We cannot give you a quote until you are ready to buy
    We have a very good idea of the price of virtually every car currently sold in Australia. This is our Intellectual Property. We are in the business of using this knowledge to provide a valuable service to our clients. If we were to give potential customers a quote on a car before they were ready to buy, we would be giving away our Intellectual Property for free.
  • We expect our clients to buy from “our” suppliers
    Whilst we are totally independent of dealers, we do have working relationships with dealers all over Australia. These relationships are important to us because they allow us to maintain our Intellectual Property (i.e. always knowing what the current lowest prices are). The dealers are happy to work with us as long as we bring them sales. If we did not bring them sales, they would have no reason to let us know the prices.

See what our customers say about

    review rating 5  I was initially hesitant about using a broker but my positive experience has left me wondering why I didn’t get onto this service sooner. Carbroker took all the hassle out of finding the car I wanted at the best price. They were very quick in providing a firm quote and responded to my email queries just as quickly. Even after I bought the car, they contacted me to ensure everything was ok and offered to help me accessorise the car with aftermarket parts. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new/used car.

    thumb Arie Dielesen