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Have you ever heard the expression “sucking back”? Sucking back is car dealer speak for making excessive profits on your trade in.

Other methods used including “high balling” and “low balling” – again to make the most profit from unsuspecting customers.

When you use our services, we will show you how to stop this from happening. We have devised a system whereby:

  • You will maximise the price obtained for your trade in – regardless of whether it’s sold privately or to a dealer.
  • You can dispose of your trade-in within a matter of hours (unless sold privately) – still at the maximum possible price.
  • You will not risk being left with your old car when you have taken delivery of the new one.

Once signed up for our service, we will show you what information we need, and then we will shop your trade in for you. This involves communicating with a large number (typically 7 or more) dealers and wholesalers to see who offers the highest bid.

Click here to submit your trade in vehicle’s details and receive a trade in valuation or you can also buy access to this information separately if you are not buying and just selling your car.