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About Carbroker.com.au

Carbroker.com.au deals with more than 2,000 car dealers across Australia. Our customers include some of Australia’s largest insurance companies, thousands of individual private buyers and a multitude of companies – including other car brokers! We cover all makes, including Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and Holden. We have National Fleet arrangements with certain manufacturers to give our clients access to incredible discounts.  We specialise in finding discounts on cars, and we are very good at what we do – because we have buying power. We leverage the use of leading edge technology and our massive volume to bring you the savings.

We also have relationships with specialist automotive finance brokers that source the most competitive finance from a large range of lenders.


Carbroker.com.au started in February 2003. The basic idea was simple: The constant struggle between customers and dealers is stressful and tiresome for all parties. The nicest customers always pay the highest prices and the meanest sales people always got the largest commissions. To get a good deal, customers have to suffer through an ordeal to get the best price from a dealership.

A car broker is the perfect way to buy a car. It removes the one thing that stands between a stressful ordeal and a happy experience: The price negotiation.
The three things that stand out most about our business are:

  • Carbroker.com.au is by far the most technologically advanced website used by any broker in Australia. Its high level of sophistication means high quality specifications (i.e. much fewer mistakes) and much reduced manual labour requirements. Similarly, FindCars.com.au represents the most sophisticated used car broking site in Australia.
  • Lower fees Our fees are less than 80% of the industry standard. By “industry standard” I mean the other ethical and professional brokers in Australia. There are also plenty of “cowboys” but I don’t really consider them as competition.
  • Ethics and professionalism We are am all about service, efficiency, integrity and achieving the best outcome for our clients.