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Returning to (or moving to) Australia – helping expats

Whether you are an expatriate returning to Australia, or a new arrival who’s never been here before, we can help minimise stress on arrival. We have helped countless clients to make sure that their new car is ready for pick up as soon as they arrive.
Car dealers can be very difficult to deal with when you are located outside of Australia.

Car insurance

When you insure your car here in Australia, you can save money by providing proof to the Australian insurance company that you have been accident-free for a period of time. You can do this either by bringing with you an original copy of your latest insurance renewal form, or a letter from your employer (if you have been driving a company car) stating how long you have been accident free for.
In Australia, you will start on a Rating 6 if you cannot provide any proof at all. If you have been accident free for five years, you will be on Rating 1 and enjoy a much lower premium. In order to get a quote for insurance, you need to know the exact address you will be staying at (or rather where the car will “live”).

Car Loans and other Car Finance

One of the most important things to watch out for are the early exit penalties. Our finance broker can show you how to avoid these fees and potentially save thousands of dollars as a result. To get an idea of how repayments work, check our Car Loan Calculator.

Starting the process of organising a car

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