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Corporate and Business Operations

We work with some of Australia’s largest corporations as well as many small and medium sized businesses. We welcome all opportunities to discuss suitable scenarios for your business. can achieve significant savings for your business. Unlike most fleet companies, we handle each request individually, thereby maximising savings on each purchase.
We specialise in sourcing the lowest prices. Our concept stems from the realisation of four marketplace trends:

  • Outsourcing of specialist functions.
  • Corporations see the benefits of its staff being removed from potential conflicts of interest.
  • More time pressure on tender turnaround times.
  • The number of cars sold in Australia is trending up as cars become cheaper.


The benefits to your business are as follows:

  • Pay lower prices.
  • Reduced turnaround times. Normally 24 hours or less.
  • Standardised tender process.
  • Improved tender specification accuracy.
  • Full reporting facilities. Online reporting with real time data.
  • 24/7/365 availability with online messaging facility.


Please contact us today to discuss how we can hep your business save money.