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HOLDEN History

The Holden name is older than the motor car itself and has been associated with transportation in Australia since the gold boom days of last century, when it first appeared above a saddler's shop in Adelaide, South Australia. By 1885, the Holden & Frost company was repairing and building horse-drawn carriages and coaches.

In 1914, it produced its first custom-made car body and by 1924 - renamed Holden's Motor Body Builders - it operated one of the world's most advanced production lines and was the exclusive body supplier to General Motors in Australia. The country's first large-scale automotive manufacturing facility was formed in 1931 when the companies merged to become General Motors-Holden's Limited. Many other Australian companies owe their development to the pioneering spirit displayed by GMH in those formative years. During World War II, General Motors-Holden's was a major industrial force in Australia's defence effort.

Between 1939 and 1945, Holden's produced more than 30,000 bodies for the Australian and US forces and manufactured a wide range of equipment, including field guns, aircraft, aero and marine engines. Following the war, GMH completed the challenge of building the nation's first successfully mass-produced car.

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