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VOLVO History

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson founded Volvo, in 1924. The first Volvo car was the 1950cc Jakob, production got underway in 1927. Volvo’s idea was to build a motorcar more appropriate to the Scandinavian climate than the US manufacturers were offering, Swedish steel would be used along with imported components.

Gabrielson financed the production of a dozen prototypes, with bodies styled in Sweden by Helmer Mas Olle. Ship builders Pentaverken built and supplied the engines, and SKF agreed to fund the production of the first 1000 cars, to be built at the Lundby factory near Gothenburg from 1927.

By 1932, the company were showing profits and output was around 1000 cars a year, although demand eased slightly due to the mid-30’s recession. SKF surrendered control of Volvo in 1935, and at the same time Volvo took over Pentaverken, which went on to become the marine-engineering side of Volvo.

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