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Consignment Service

If you are moving overseas or interstate or you just need help to sell your car at a decent price, we may be able to sell it on consignment for you. This service is currently available in Victoria and NSW. Note that we can only accept a limited number of cars at any one time, and so there may be a waiting list to gain access to the service.

Your Benefits

  1. Your car becomes easier to sell, because it is sold by a licensed dealer (i.e. us). To a potential buyer, this means:
    • The car is covered by a statutory warranty (provided by us).
    • It is easier to finance (Most finance companies will not finance private purchases).
    • We can handle trade-ins to make it a smooth transaction.
  2. We organise any required repairs. (This will be done with your consultation.) As we are volume user of repair facilities, we get 'trade' prices which are generally lower than what retail customers can achieve.
  3. Avoid having potential buyers come to your home to inspect your vehicle.

Description of Service provides a secure physical environment for the storage of your vehicle whilst preparing and offering it for sale.
Preparation includes detailing, mechanical inspection (including report), and repairing obvious faults that may affect our ability to achieve the maximum sale price for the car.

Once prepared for sale, the car is advertised.
When a potential buyer has made a formal offer to purchase, we consult with you and accept the offer if it is satisfactory. Once the funds have cleared, we released the car to the buyer.
If your car is subject to an existing finance agreement, the outstanding balance is paid immediately to the lender. The remainder is paid back to you.


The fee to for the consignment service is $695 including GST, payable upon sale of the car.

Fixed costs

Costs associated with the detailing, mechanical inspection and storage are met by the client irrespective of the sale outcome. These costs are:
  1. Inspection: $110 including GST
  2. Detailing: $195 including GST
  3. Storage: $55 per week including GST (minimum two weeks)

Variable costs

In many cases, mechanical repairs are not required. In cases where they are required, we discuss each item with you to determine the best course of action.
Advertising costs are also made by the client. All variable costs are discussed with you prior to expenditure.


You are obliged to keep your insurance until the car is sold.

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