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Car Loans Calculator / Car Finance Calculator

The car loans calculator is intended to help you determine how much your car loans payments will be. You also get an idea of how much interest you pay over the years.  After filling in information related to your loan, click the Calculate button your monthly repayment will appear in the textbox below.

By using the car loans calculator, you can avoid the situation where you are upside-down on your car loans — meaning you owe more on the vehicle than it is worth.  To do this, make some estimates on your vehicle’s value after any number of months.  Then, check the car payment calculator’s output to see how much is left on the loan.

The car loan calculator is already filled in for a general car purchase.  In general, you’ll find that car loans run from 36 to 60 months.  Of course your car loan payments are lower with a longer term. However, the longer the term, the greater your total interest cost.

NEW: No Early Exit Penalty:

Virtually all financiers charge huge penalties for early exit (i.e. paying out car loans early). If your term is 5 years and you should dispose of your car after 3 years, you would be up for thoudands of dollars!

But not any more: Our finance broker can show you how to avoid the early exit penalty and save the expense. Go for an obligation free car loans or other finance quote HERE or – if the car is brand new, and you have not yet bought it – go HERE.

This could easily save you thousands of dollars – even if you only borrow just $20,000.

Note: that the Interest Rate is indicative only. For the lowest possible rate, get a quote HERE