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Car Broking

New Cars sources the lowest price for a given specification. Some of the resources we use include our 1600+ strong dealership network and our combined car industry experience of more than 40 years. We price cars every day of the week, and we have a wholly computerised system to help us do it quickly and efficiently.
Unlike fleet companies - who generally have special fixed pricing with certain dealers, treats each request individually. This means we research each price to get to the lowest available. Fixed pre-arranged pricing is easier to administer, but the buyer can miss out on both manufacturer bonuses and dealer incentives when they occur, and no allowance can be made for specific units of stock. The system we use is proven to be the most effective available.

Used Cars

Our used car broker operation has been operating since 1998, and consists of a large dedicated group of highly skilled people searching for used cars. We source cars from many sources, including wholesalers, dealers, auctions and private sellers.

Trade Ins

We can price your trade in as part of the deal. We have a special method for maximising the price obtained for the trade-in when selling to a dealer but it should be noted that the best price is always obtained when selling privately. Selling privately is not for everyone, however, which is why we offer to price the trade as part of the new car purchase. For those wanting to sell privately, we have a Members Area where where give specific advice and help relating to private (and dealer) sales.

Sell Only

Our Sell Only service consists of advice on how to best sell your old car. It does not include physically handling your car. Clients of this service gain access to our Members Area where the advice is located. Individual advice via email is also part of the service. Note that the advice includes both selling to a dealer and selling privately.

Financing works closely with automotive financing specialist companies to assist our clients in all matters finance. Some of the products available include:
  • Novated Lease
  • Salary Packaging
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Fully Maintained Lease
During the specification process, you will be asked whether you wold like to be put in touch with a finance broker.

Paint, Rust and Fabric Protection

Paint protection, fabric protection and rust proofing are high margin items for dealers. They are usually sold to clients right after the conclusion of a tiring car price negotiation when the defenses are down. All three items are very useful, but paint protection has long (deservedly) had a "snake oil reputation" with most people. The problem has been both with the quality of the product and its proper application. For those three reasons (cost, quality and proper application) has sourced what we are confident to be the best paint protection available. We also have rust proofing and fabric protection. Go to our Paint Protection site for more details.

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