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The Toyota Corolla is manufactured in Japan, the USA, the UK, Canada, China, India, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Venezuela, Pakistan and the Philippines. The Corollas that are sold in Australia come from Japan. The first Corolla rolled off the production line in 1966 and it's still going strong. It is one of the most popular cars in Australia.
In the past, Holden used to sell the Toyota Corolla badged as the Holden Nova.

The Toyota Corolla is currently in its ninth generation. It appeared in 2000 with edgier styling and a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. It was designed to fit under the 1700mm width limit to escape a higher tax bracket in Japan. Most of its rivals are wider. The Corolla was upgraded in 2003 and Toyota was aiming then to attract younger drivers. Incidentally, this Corolla has exactly the same weheelbase as the original Camry had when it was released in 1983. This latest Corolla is also longer than the Camry was in 1983 (by about 10cm). The new Corolla's structural integrity would have been impressive in a Lexus a few years ago. The strut front and torsion beam rear suspension are ordinary, but it's poised and the front disc/rear drum brakes work well (ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution is optional on all Corollas). Add in excellent rack-and-pinion steering, and this is as close to a luxury car ride as any small economy sedan has ever offered. The Corolla still isn't as sharp a handler as some competitors (Mazda 3, Nissan Tiida and Ford Focus, for example), but that doesn't matter to the primary audience.

Like every Corolla before this one, it has been built to provide years of trouble-free driving. It's also more comfortable and roomier than ever. In the thirty years that the Toyota Corolla has been around, it has sold more cars worldwide than any other nameplate. With the fuel price increases of late, this looks set to continue.

Buying a Toyota Corolla

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