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Car Broker Brisbane is Australia’s trusted, professional car broker. Our network consists of over 2,300 dealerships and we service a variety of clients. Private individuals, small businesses and large companies in Brisbane and throughout the country have benefited from our full range of services since 2003. Through our vehicle broker and internet car buying service, we have fostered relationships with a vast number of dealerships – from Peugeot to Tesla, Jeep, Volvo, Kia and other popular car makers in Brisbane – making it easy to find the right car for the best price.

More than our extensive range of cars and exceptional savings, we also offer a variety of other services. From start to finish, meets all your needs. We offer advice on which car to select, which insurance is most affordable, and which finance will best suit your needs. We even offer extended car warranties, will sell your car for you, and can help procure a fleet of vehicles for your company.


What Makes Car Broker Australia Great

A cut above our competitors, has the most advanced software within the Australian vehicle brokering industry. With this exceptional tool we are better equipped to ensure that we get you the best deal on your fleet or vehicle, whether it is new or used. In addition, we will ensure that the price you get for the trade of your old car is the best available, regardless of who is buying it.

Our full-service offering takes the hassle out of haggling with dealerships and car buyers and ensures that you get the best deal all-round. There is simply no reason to not use a reputable vehicle broker such as


More Than Just a Car Broker

It must be said, not all vehicle brokers are created equal. Whether you are in Brisbane or greater Australia, is the internet car buying service that offers more than most. Through us arranging cheap insurance, optimal finance, a cost-effective extended car warranty, car advice, and even assistance for expats and immigrants, you can expect a simple, yet comprehensive service, with us saving you money every step of the way.


Our Car Broker Service has a massive network of over 2,300 dealerships throughout Australia, enabling us to ensure that you not only find the perfect new or used car, but that you also get it at the best price. Our efficient and thorough service will see you saving up to 80% on fees and picking your car up with zero surprise costs.

The total cost of your car includes the following:

• Necessary dealership charges
• Your stamp of duty
• The GST
• Your compulsory third-party insurance paid up for 12 months


Trade-In and Car Selling

Another stress which will gladly take off your hands is that of your trade-in. Seeing one dealership after the next and meeting with potential private buyers takes up a big chunk of your time and energy. With us, however, you can hand over the reins and be sure that we will get the best price for your old car, and in time for the arrival of your new car.


Car Finance

Even for the initiated, selecting car finance can be tricky. Knowing all the essential details before taking the plunge is of utmost importance if you want to avoid potentially costly mistakes. With we will take you through the ins-and-outs of finance and operating leases, chattel mortgages, consumer loans, novated leases, and salary packaging.


Get Professional Advice

For those who are a bit less car obsessed than others, choosing the right car can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, models, shapes and specs to choose from. has its finger on the pulse; always in touch with dealers and manufacturers to get a clear picture of the vast array of options available for car buyers. Whether you want to buy a new or a used car, we can advise and help you avoid making any costly mistakes.


Corporate Car Broker

When you’re buying a fleet of vehicles for a company or a business, there’s a lot more to consider. The right corporate car broker will provide an efficient and cost-effective service. has fostered strong relationships with dealerships in order to qualify for national fleet pricing, so that you always get the best deal. With our regular audits and rigorous selection process, we have everything covered.


The Right Car Insurance

At the best of times selecting insurance is amongst the dullest endeavours. With our wealth of knowledge, is in the best position to give you real, informed advice regarding your car insurance. In the end you will have the right coverage to suit your needs, as well as the cheapest car insurance.


Extended Car Warranty

Extended car warranties are another essential aspect of buying a new or used car. Not just a car broker, will secure you an extended car warranty, which will save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding excessive dealership mark-ups. In the end, the cost of your extended warranty will be your most affordable investment, saving you from the stress of surprise repair bills which can easily add up to thousands of dollars.


Broker Assistance for Immigrants and Expats

Dealing with car dealerships in Brisbane and throughout Australia from across borders is incredibly difficult. However, knows its way around the process. As an internet car broker, we will save you all of the time and stress of choosing and buying a car from another country. This service ensures that on arrival in Brisbane, immigrants and expats will have their car ready and available to pick up.

As an added bonus, we will help you organise the best insurance, so you’re immediately covered too.

Take the plunge, get in touch and get a quote. Let Australia’s premier vehicle broker help you buy a new car – or a used one – sell your old car and arrange everything in between.

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