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Car Broker Canberra is the efficient and professional car broker serving many happy private and commercial clients in Canberra and greater Australia. Well known for our incredibly vast links to dealerships, you have the added benefit of choosing from every brand of car available in Australia. Whether it’s a Volvo, Kia, Peugeot, Tesla, Jeep, or Ford, we can access your dream car and we will get it at the best price for you too.

Whether you choose a new or used car, ours is more than just an internet buying car service. will ensure that you get a complete service from beginning to end, with nothing left to worry about. Our experience ensures we are able to get you the best finance, insurance, extended car warranty and fleet advice to give you a stress-free and simple car buying experience from start to finish. That way you can kick back and enjoy your new ride when it arrives.


What Makes Car Broker Australia Great

What makes so efficient and allows us to get you the best prices? It’s our incredibly advanced software – the best in the industry – allowing us to quickly access a vast database of dealerships to find the best new and used cars at the best prices. In Canberra and beyond, our link to over 2,300 dealerships ensures we can cross-reference prices and availability.

Another bonus? We will sell your old car too and get the best trade-in price for it regardless of whether a dealership or a private individual buys it.

This service ensures there is no need for you to ever leave your home to visit a bunch of dealers.


More Than Just a Car Broker is the efficient full-service which will quickly and easily ensure that buying a new or used car – and selling your old one – doesn’t take up all of your time and energy. With us, you can organise insurance, finance, an extended car warranty and even do it all from another country if you’re an expat or immigrant. And another thing: our service will also save you money; up to 80% in fees to be exact.


Our Car Broker Service has a vast network which it leverages to save you money at every turn. Not only in Canberra, but throughout Australia you can rely on us for the best prices and we ensure that there are zero surprise costs. When you fetch your car, you can drive away without the stress of another financial expectation.

Included in your quote are the following items:

• All dealer charges
• Stamp of duty
• The first 12 months of compulsory third-party insurance coverage


Trade-In and Car Selling

If you’re going to trade your old car in as well as buy a new car, you’re at the right place. consults on your behalf with our vast network of dealerships as well as private individuals to get you the best trade-in price on your car. This way we take even more leg work out of the buying and selling process. No need to visit one dealership after the next and unwittingly accept a low trade-in price.


Car Finance

Always a concern, selecting the right finance can make or break the whole deal. Knowing the right solution can be difficult even for the initiated. know what’s what when it comes to financing though, this puts you in the ideal position to get great advice on all manner of loans and car finance. We will help you choose between novated leases or salary packaging, chattel mortgages, consumer loans, finance leases, and operating leases.


Get Professional Advice

For those who are not especially car-obsessed or just have too many options in mind, we also offer comprehensive car advice. Each individual has different tastes and different needs. An SUV or ute can open up a whole variety of lifestyle changes, but so too can a zippy little city style hatchback. Taking these aspects into account is of utmost importance in order to avoid making any costly mistakes.


Corporate Car Broker

And then comes the pressure of buying a fleet of cars. is adept at servicing companies big and small when it comes to sourcing a fleet of vehicles. We get the best deals thanks to our incredible buying power and our national fleet pricing with certain manufacturers. We follow intense selection processes and conduct regular audits on our suppliers, whether they are dealerships or manufacturers. All of these aspects of our fleet buying process ensure that we can get you the best prices while offering you great advice and an efficient service.


The Right Car Insurance

Car insurance is always a grudge purchase. The only thing that makes it more bearable is getting the right advice and the cheapest insurance. has a wealth of experience in the field, enabling us to give you all the advice you need and get you the best deal on your insurance.


Extended Car Warranty

If you – like everyone else – want to avoid what can quickly turn into crippling repair and servicing costs on your car, your best bet is it purchase an extended car warranty. knows all about getting car warranties at the best price. Let us help you save hundreds of dollars on your warranty by cutting down on dealership costs. Ultimately you will save thousands on what are seldom planned expenses.


Broker Assistance for Immigrants and Expats

It’s tough moving your entire life to a different country. As an expat or an immigrant, one of your biggest considerations is organising a car in the country you are moving to. With you can take comfort in the fact that we will take care of all the details and ensure that your car is ready and available when you arrive in Canberra. We will organise every necessary aspect of your chosen car. Whether you are in the market for a new or a used car, we will take the reins, finding your ideal car, consulting with dealerships and ensuring you get the best price on your new car.

There’s no time like now to get the ball rolling. Simply fill out the car broker form and we will help you find your dream car, purchase it at the best price, sell your old car and organise the whole lot without any surprise costs.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We can tell you everything there is to know about our process, our areas of expertise and how we can best meet your car brokering needs. We will ensure your experience with us is memorable and you become a customer for life.