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Current ASTON MARTIN DBS variants

Current ASTON MARTIN DBS variants for sale in showrooms right now:

Brand new ASTON MARTIN DBS Pricing

As can be seen above, the list price on the ASTON MARTIN DBS varies from $536,900 to $570,200.

Please bear in mind that this is just the official list price for the DBS as set by ASTON MARTIN. On top of this comes on road costs such as dealer delivery, government stamp duty (i.e. motor vehicle duty), CTP (Compulsory Third Part insurance), number plate fee and some other insignificant fees. The dealer delivery fee can vary from spec to spec even across the same model.

Get the best price when buying a new ASTON MARTIN DBS.

Price Discounts on brand new ASTON MARTIN DBS

All manufactureres - including ASTON MARTIN - operate on the basis of periodic discount cycles. In most cases, the dicounts (also called incentives or bonuses) are announced at the start of each month and run until the end of the month. There will be certain conditions attached, such as 'The ASTON MARTIN DBS must be delivered before the end of the month', or 'The ASTON MARTIN DBS must be ordered before the end of the month'.

Of course, not all makes and models are discounted every month! Far from it! The marketing gurus work with the factory to determine what models to discount. Some of the factors that come into play here are:

  • How supply vs demand is going. Do they need to stimulate demand to make sure production does not back up?
  • What are our competitors doing? If any manufacturer is launching a new model in competition to the ASTON MARTIN DBS, then ASTON MARTIN will consider a bonus to neutralise the effect.
  • Is there an upgrade due soon for the ASTON MARTIN DBS? If so, how much stock is in the system, and how will ASTON MARTIN make sure old stiock is cleared in time for the new model?

Stock Runout

A couple of interesting facts about stock runouts (whether on the ASTON MARTIN DBS or any other):

  1. Not all makes and models are subject to stock runouts. It is very common for manufacturers to plan their model upgrades so they don't need a stock runout and therefore keep prices unchanged.
  2. Some stock runouts are fake! OK, well.... let's take that back and say... Some stock runouts have virtually no stock. A manufacturer may see a great opportunity to launch a nationwide stock runout on a certain model, knowing full well that there are only a tiny handful of cars available. Why? You know the answer already: to get buyers into the showroom. If Joe Smith was thinking about buying a similar model (but different make) in 3-4 months, he may well be tempted across to an advertised stock runout. Once there, Joe Smith is told 'Sorry - all sold out... But wait! Check this new and upgraded DB9 at a super sharp discounted price!'.

How Bonuses and Incentives work on the ASTON MARTIN DBS

(This goes for virtually every make/model - not just the ASTON MARTIN DBS) Most of the time (in fact, almost all of the time), the financial cost of an incentive or bonus (or runout) is shared between the manufacturer and the dealer. The split varies, but the most important thing to remember is that when the discount given is in the form of low rate finance on the car purchase, it definitely means that there is less room to negotiate on the car price itself. In some cases, the manufacturer will pay for a national advertising campaign and the dealers will provide the discount (in the form of low rate finance or whatever else) to the buyer. It is fairly straight forward to work out that the capacity for a dealer to discount price is diminished when they have to pay for an incentice as well.

Fleet Discounts on the ASTON MARTIN DBS

Many manufacturers offer some kind of fleet discounting or corporate package or salary sacrifice discount. These discounts refer to incentives (and in some cases other benefits such as free floor mats, free servicing or parking at the airport etc.) that are exlusively funded by the manufacturer and not by the dealer. This means that - to get the best deal on an ASTON MARTIN DBS, we ask our clients the right questions that determines whether they can qualify for these additional discounts.

Best Price on ASTON MARTINs

We are more than happy to help you achieve the lowest possible price when you purchase an ASTON MARTIN. We buy ASTON MARTINs regularly in all capital cities of Australia. In some cases (whether due to pricing or stock availability) we source cars from different states. Basically... whatever it takes to get to the best price for our clients!
So please lodge a request with us and let us help!

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