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Walter Chrysler, a General Motors executive who had pioneered the introduction of all-steel bodies in automobiles (instead of wood), introduced his first motorcar. After his departure from GM in 1920, Chrysler had breathed new life into the failing Maxwell Motor Company. The first Chrysler-built Maxwell was put on display in New York City’s Commodore Hotel, where it drew admiring crowds. In 1925, the Maxwell Motor Company was renamed the Chrysler Corporation.

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Some people just can't help themselves. When they buy a CHRYSLER, the logic flies out the window. These people turn into some kind of money wasting monsters who are very keen to impress upon the salesman just how much they can afford to pay. In reality, they are just blowing thousands of dollars and making the sales person very very happy. If you're thinking of buying a CHRYSLER, talk to us too.

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