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SKODA History

Skoda Auto is a Czech automobile manufacturer and one of the four oldest car manufacturers in the world.
The origins of Skoda go back to December 1895 when, as many other long-established car manufacturers, the company started out with the manufacture of bicycles. By 1899, Skoda had won several motorcycle championships and a reputation for innovation in motor engineering. Following initial experiments at the turn of the century, the production of motorcycles was phased out and the company began to cater to the new emerging automobile market. Skoda built some of Europe's costliest and more luxurious cars before World War II, but fell behind when the West pulled ahead with new technology.
Skoda was last sold in Australia in 1983, long before it was taken over by Volkswagen in 1991.

In 1991, it became a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.
The Skoda position is below Volkswagen and has a slightly more youthful and sporty slant to the model line-up. That means the cars need sharp pricing and something different to pitch them against Japanese rivals, while steering clear of any conflict with the VW badge.

SKODA: Lowest Pricing

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