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Car Broker Darwin is a professional car broker with a network of more than 2,300 dealerships in Darwin and throughout Australia. With access to every brand of car available, you’ll have your pick of cars from Jeep, Volvo, Kia, Peugeot, Tesla, and many more. Our network ensures that we can find not only the brand, model and specs you want but also get you the best price on your new or used car. We cross-reference prices and only work with dealerships based on merit; that way you know you’re getting the best deal and you’re getting it from a reputable car dealership.

More than just an internet car buying service, offers a broad range of services. We buy and sell cars, we offer brilliant car insurance advice, as well as advice on finding the right finance. Need an extended car warranty? We can get that for you too. Our full suite of services takes the pain out of car buying and selling.


What Makes Car Broker Australia Great’s software is unrivalled. The most advanced in the car brokering business, our software speeds up the process of finding and securing the best new and used cars at the cheapest prices. Whether you reside in Darwin or regional NT, our system will take the pain out of having to go from one dealership to the next and trying to negotiate with car salespeople. Our complex software is key in ensuring you can save up to 80% in fees when compared to other reputable car brokers.

Our process is simple, smooth and easy. You tell us what you want, and we find it for you at the best price. The whole process can be done from the comfort of your couch.


More Than Just a Car Broker

Of course, offers many more services, including thorough and informed industry advice, so that you don’t have to suffer through endless research. We’ll help you secure the right finance, get the cheapest car insurance, a brilliantly priced extended warranty… what more do you need? You don’t live in Australia yet? We can still help you source a great car, ready for you to pick up upon your arrival.


Our Car Broker Service

The primary aspect of our service involves finding you the best car for the best price. Whether you want a new or a used car, our vast network gives us brilliant buying power, saving you at least $500 on your car. When it comes to used cars, you can also be sure you won’t be settling for a lemon.

The best part of buying a car through is that we help you avoid last-minute surprise costs. Included in the price of your car are the following:

• A full tank of petrol
• All government charges
• All dealership charges
• The first 12 months of your compulsory third-party insurance


Trade-In and Car Selling

Another hassle we’ll take off your hands is selling your old car. Going from one dealership to the next and meeting with private individuals, only to get lowball offers is enough to sour the whole experience. We will get you the best offer for your old car and make sure that when you take delivery of your new car, you won’t still be sitting with your old car – a smooth and seamless process.


Car Finance has fostered relationships with specialist finance brokers; this allows us to help you source the most competitive finance from a large range of lenders. We can give you advice on consumer loans, chattel mortgages, novated leases or salary packaging, finance leases, and operating leases to ensure you make the right decision to meet your financial needs.


Get Professional Advice

These days there is an immense number of cars to choose from and it can be difficult to separate your needs from your wants. has the skinny on the motor vehicle industry: zippy city cars, saloons, utes? We’re familiar with them all. We know the pros and cons of the available models, which enables us to help you choose the best new or used car to suit your needs.


Corporate Car Broker

Putting together a fleet of vehicles isn’t easy. These vehicles serve a different purpose to that of your personal car. Whether your company is transporting large loads or small ones, we will offer you expert advice, while carrying out regular audits that guarantee a rigorous selection process while ensuring we get your company incredible discounts.


The Right Car Insurance

Over many years of successful vehicle brokering, has built up an extensive knowledge of car insurance. This enables us to help select the cheapest insurance for your new or used car. The choice between insurance companies and their offerings can be confusing at the best of times, so let us help you choose.


Extended Car Warranty

At first, you may second guess the need for a car warranty but soon enough it becomes obvious that it is indeed an essential purchase. It is when you least expect it that you are most dependant on them. Repairs and services come at a cost, and an extended car warranty is a smart purchase that will save you thousands of dollars at a time. Let us advise you and get you the best price on your extended warranty so that you can save hundreds of dollars on your warranty too.


Broker Assistance for Immigrants and Expats

If you thought buying a car from outside Australia was impossible, you’re wrong. is adept at online vehicle purchasing. Using our cutting-edge software, we already deal with a range of dealerships throughout Australia, so it’s all in a day’s work for us. We will ensure that all the details are taken care of and that you can collect your new or used car on arrival in Australia. With us there’s no need to try negotiating with car dealerships remotely, we take away all the stress and hard work so that you can enjoy your new car as soon as you land.

Now that you know more about our range of services, it’s as good a time as any other to start the process of buying your new or used car, trading in your old one or purchasing a fleet. We will take care of all the details, get you the best price on your car, and still save you up to 80% in broker fees.

If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will answer your questions and ensure that you feel comfortable in moving forward and buying your new car.