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Car Broker Hobart’s wide array of clients ranges from private individuals to companies and businesses both large and small. Our vast network of dealerships spanning Hobart, regional Tasmania, and the rest of Australia ensures we will get you the best deal on your new or used car and your corporate fleet. You can choose from every brand of car because we have relationships Tesla, Kia, Jeep, Volvo, and Peugeot dealerships – and more. Our service does away with the need for haggling with dealerships and ensures a smooth and efficient transaction.

Of course, buying a car requires more organisation than just finding the right car, which is why we offer a range of other services too. We will help you trade in your old car while ensuring you get the best price for it. More still, we offer thorough and informed advice on insurance, finance and we will save you money on your extended warranty. With, your car buying experience is no longer a painful ordeal, it’s exciting.


What Makes Car Broker Australia Great has the edge over other Australian car brokers. The cutting edge to be exact: the most advanced industry software, allowing us to find the best cars – new and used – at the best prices. Our software ensures that we will save you hundreds of dollars; whether you live in Hobart or elsewhere in Australia. The same goes for trade-ins, we will get the best price for your trade-in, whether you sell it privately or through a dealership. Our internet car buying service makes us superior in this regard especially. We take the hassle out of the process by negotiating with dealerships and leveraging our buying power to save you money.


More Than Just a Car Broker

When we think of car brokers, we think of one thing in particular; buying a car., however, offers many more services. You can count on us to save you money on your extended warranty, advise you on the best financial assistance, the cheapest car insurance and we will assist immigrants and expats with their car purchase from across borders. We will make your car buying experience as simple as possible.


Our Car Broker Service

Everybody wants to buy the best car for the lowest price – which is exactly what will help you do. We have a considerable network of dealerships and hefty buying power. This enables us to continually cross-reference new and used car prices to save you at least $500 on your car, and up to 80% on fees. Our process is swift and best of all, you won’t be saddled with any surprise fees.

On delivery or collection, your car comes with:

• A full tank of petrol
• Stamp of duty
• Dealership charges
• Compulsory third-party insurance coverage for the first 12 months


Trade-In and Car Selling

Another worry that comes with buying a new car is that of selling the old one. Getting the best trade-in price is tedious at best; going from one dealership to the next or negotiating with private buyers is time-consuming and stressful, but also offers trade-in assistance. We will negotiate with dealerships and private buyers on your behalf to ensure that you get the best trade-in price for your old car.


Car Finance

Whether you’ve already picked your car or not, finance is a pretty serious matter. Even if you’ve bought and financed a car before, it doesn’t hurt to know all your options and get the chance to save money. has thorough knowledge of car finance as well as relationships with specialist automotive finance brokers to help you get the most competitive rates on your car finance. We will give you advice on novated leases or salary packaging, chattel mortgages, consumer loans, finance leases and operating leases; so that you can make the best choice for your needs.


Get Professional Advice

It’s not always easy to choose the right car. Ogling a shiny sports car on the highway is no revelation, but for most of us, supercars aren’t going to get our kids to school, take us to the golf course, or on an off-road adventure. It’s a big decision which takes seriously: helping you find the right car will save you making a costly mistake. We will give you the best advice to ensure you pick the car that meets your needs.


Corporate Car Broker

Choosing a vehicle broker to help you buy a fleet of cars for your company is no simple task. do not skip a single step of the process, conducting regular audits along with a rigorous selection process is just part of ensuring you have the best fleet buying experience. In addition, the impact of our buying power and our national fleet pricing guarantees you the best price on your fleet.


The Right Car Insurance

If you’re not sure which car insurance to choose, you’re not alone. is well informed in this regard. With our advice and guidance, we will ensure you get the cheapest car insurance to suit your particular needs.


Extended Car Warranty

Is it the full package if you don’t get an extended warranty on your new or used car? will not only help you buy your new car and sell your old one, but we will also get you a brilliant deal on your extended car warranty too. We cut down the dealership mark-ups to save you hundreds of dollars on your extended warranty and ultimately save you thousands of dollars in the face of unexpected repairs and even regular services.


Broker Assistance for Immigrants and Expats

Just because you’re not currently in Hobart doesn’t mean you can’t buy your car just yet. Having your car available on arrival is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and we will ensure you get just that. Along with all the necessary on-road costs, will help you find the right car at the best price and ensure it is available when you land. Our business operates seamlessly for your convenience even across borders for expats and immigrants alike. Cutting out the long-distance negotiations with car dealerships is all in a day’s work for us.

If you’re ready to start looking for a car, let us get you the best quote on your dream ride. We will take care of the whole process from beginning to end and save you the time, effort and stress of negotiating with dealerships. With, all your car buying needs will be met.

If you’re not quite sure just yet, go ahead and contact us. We will answer all your questions to put you at ease and guarantee you a smooth and seamless internet car buying service from beginning to end.