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Car Broker Services in Melbourne, Victoria

With a wide array of clients large and small, corporate, and private, is well known for our professional car brokerage service. We deal with over 2,300 dealerships across Australia, and our internet car buying service allows you to choose cars from dealerships not only throughout the country but also in your hometown of Melbourne; from Chadstone to Knox and everywhere in between. We leverage our relationships with Volvo, Peugeot, Tesla, Kia, Jeep and many more dealerships to find you the right deal, at the best price on your new or used car.

Our services don’t stop there though. From start to finish you can count on us for a complete solution to all of your car buying, selling, insurance, warranty, fleet, and finance needs. We ensure a smooth process at every step, removing the stress and hard work, so that when your car arrives you can actually enjoy it!


What Makes Car Broker Australia Great

Our single best resource is software. Armed with the most technically advanced website used by any car broker in Melbourne – and Australia for that matter – we can locate the best car deals and the best trade-in price on your old car. Whether it’s a new or used car, or a fleet, this is the internet car buying service you’ve been looking for.

There’s no need to leave your home and haggle with car dealerships and salesmen to get the best offer on your car or trade-in. This is exactly why using a professional car broker is your best bet.


More Than Just a Car Broker

More than just a car broker, ensures that all of your car brokering needs are met. Through us, you can also organise an extended warranty, cheap insurance, finance, professional advice and assistance for immigrants and ex-pats, and even paint and fabric protection. Our service takes the pain out of car buying and selling all while saving you money through our immense buying power, extensive database and the ability to cross-check prices continuously.


Our Car Broker Service is the car buying agent which will help you find new or used cars through our network of more than 2,300 dealerships around Australia while saving you up to 80% in fees. You can count on getting a great used car and an efficient process.

When you take delivery or fetch your car you can be assured that there are no surprise costs.

Included in the price of your car is:

• All dealer charges
• Stamp of duty
• The first 12 months of compulsory third-party insurance coverage.


Trade-in and Car Selling

Of course, if you’re buying a new car you are likely to be trading in your old car, which is why you also need a legitimate car selling agent. You can trust that whether your car goes to a dealer or a private buyer, we will get the best trade-in price for you.

This full service ensures that you won’t be left with your old car once you’ve taken delivery of your new car.


The Right Car Finance

Finance is the less exciting aspect of buying a new car, but we can assist you in securing the right car finance for you. Get advice on novated leases or salary packaging, chattel mortgages, consumer loans, finance leases, and operating leases. All in one place.


Get Professional Car Advice

When you picture your new car, you’re thinking about shiny paintwork and the new car smell, not the boring details. is all about the details though. Operating since 1998, we can help you choose the right car to meet your needs. Be it a hatchback, a saloon or a utility vehicle, we will help you avoid costly mistakes and buyer’s remorse.


Corporate Car Broker

It’s one thing buying a car for private use, but things become a bit more complicated when you’re buying a corporate vehicle or a fleet of cars. Amongst our corporate customers, we are known for our rigorous selection process and regular audits. Our process is efficient, and you can rely on lower prices.


The Right Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance is just as important as finding the right car. There is so much to choose from, however, and the process can easily overwhelm you. With you will get all the advice you need before you make your choice.


Extended Car Warranty

The cost of a car warranty is widely known as small in comparison to the surprise repair bills; which can run into thousands of dollars at the most inopportune time. is well versed in the process of buying warranties and extended warranties for cars. We ensure that you get extremely competitive rates, helping you avoid excessive dealership mark-ups, and reducing your extended car warranty by hundreds of dollars.


Car Broker Assistance for Immigrants and Expats

There’s no doubt how tricky arranging the purchase of a car is from across the globe. Whether you are immigrating to Australia or coming back home, you want to know that your car is ready and available on arrival. Car dealerships can be pretty difficult to deal with outside of the country, but that’s no problem for us. already operates seamlessly online so using our car buying service from another country is simple.

There are also additional measures which need to be taken such as getting letters from your existing insurance company to help you get the best rate. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we know our way around the system, so you’re in good hands.

Now is as good a time as any other to get the process started.

Choose from new or used cars and trade your old car in efficiently without having to deal with car dealerships or car buyers. More than vehicle brokers, our list of services ensure that all of your needs will be met.

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Got questions?

Before you get overwhelmed, feel free to ask us any questions you might have via email or phone. We are here to help and ensure a smooth car brokering process. An internet car buying service may be a whole new experience, but we guarantee you will save time and money.