How Maximising Your Car Protection Provides the Greatest Value

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How Maximising Your Car Protection Provides the Greatest Value

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, or your current car’s warranty is about to run out, you’re probably asking yourself the big question: is it worth investing in an extended warranty? We think the answer is almost always yes. There are a couple of other ways to beef up the protection of your car so that you win in the long run. Maximising your car protection always pays off – life is unpredictable and things can turn sour at any moment: from an accident to a breakdown to spilling coffee on your fabric seats. Here are some great ways to maximise car protection and gain the greatest long-term value.


Insuring your car is almost a no-brainer, unless you drive a $500 jalopy, which we’re assuming you don’t. Mistakes can happen at any time – and not just ones that are in your control. Let’s say you park your car on the street, return a couple hours later and find that your baby has a dent in the rear bumper… and nobody has left a note. While it’d be nice to trust in the honesty of other people, it’s unfortunately not something you can count on all the time.

Warranty increases resale value

An extended warranty works in two ways – it protects you if something major goes wrong with your car, but it also increases the resale value if there comes a time to sell your car. This means you get to drive around without any worries, and get a better price for your car when you go to sell it – it’s a win-win!

Garage your car or invest in paint protection

Another way to maximise your car protection is to keep your car in a garage if possible or invest in paint protection. The car’s paint is one of its main assets, and the condition of it will be rigorously inspected by any potential buyer. Garages and paint protection protect your car against the elements and are of great value if you see yourself selling your car in order to upgrade down the track.

Leather protector, floor mats, interior protection

The inside of the car is equally as important as the exterior. There are a range of protection options for the interior of your car such as leather protector, floor mats and dash mats.

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