How to maximise your trade-in value

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How to maximise your trade-in value

Trading one’s car in exchange for another is a super convenient way of upgrading your ride. It’s a two-birds-with-one-stone scenario, because instead of selling your current car and buying a new one, trading in takes care of both of these at once. Before stepping into the car yard to trade your car in, however, you ideally want to maximise your trade-in value to get you a better deal. These simple tips could save you thousands when you trade in your vehicle. offers some expert advice on maximising trade in value.

Protect it from the elements

Car paint is sturdy stuff, but leave a car exposed to the elements for long enough and you’re likely to test what it’s made from. Harsh sunlight is one of the worst things for your car, causing paint fade, damage to the interior and drying out leather. Parking your car underneath a sap-leaking tree like pine or fig, or one that is home to a bazillion birds, is also not a great idea. That sticky sap and acidity from the bird droppings will eat away at your car’s paint job in no time. To get around this, garage your car when possible or protect it with paint protection.

Don’t smoke in it

Smoke gets into everything: your seats, your roof, your steering wheel… everything. The quickest way to devalue your car when you go to trade it in is to smoke in it. If you have been smoking in your car for the past however many years, then look up some ways on how to minimise the smoke smell before you head into the car yard. Cinnamon sticks and baking soda are two common methods of smoke treatment.

Repair dings and scratches

Very few cars are ‘spotless’ in terms of dings and scratches – after all, we’re talking about a machine that travels upwards of 10,000km every year and is constantly exposed to possible scratching scenarios. Some dings and scratches are super simple to get repaired and won’t cost much either – and if your car is insured, it’s definitely worth considering.

Give the interior a rigorous clean

You spend a lot of time in your car and it’s natural for it to get a bit dirty over time. To maximise your trade-in value, give your car a deep clean before rolling into the car dealership. Floor mats, stains on seats, dust and dog hair are the main things to pay special attention to.

Some of these tips literally won’t cost you a thing, and others may only cost a little – either way, they can save (and, therefore, earn) you possibly thousands of dollars when you trade in. Before you do that, talk to the team at They’re one of Australia’s best car brokers, with connections to over 2,000 dealerships nation-wide. will help you compare deals so that you get the best value trade-in, each and every time.