3 Things To Avoid To Protect Your EV Battery Warranty

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3 Things To Avoid To Protect Your EV Battery Warranty

40 years ago, you would never have guessed that, one day, cars would be powered by giant batteries. But today, that crazy statement has become the reality as we move toward greener, more efficient electric vehicles.

The battery is the single most important (and expensive) part of your electric vehicle. To replace them, you can expert to fork out between $3,000 and $12,000 in a hybrid, or even up to a massive $30,000 in a top range electric vehicle. 

But that’s why we invented these magical things: warranties

Protecting your battery warranty is the aim of the game when you own an electric vehicle. Thankfully, it’s really easy to do. In this post, the auto experts from Carbroker.com.au tell you what to avoid doing in order to protect your EV battery warranty.

What voids the warranty?

So, first, let’s explain what can actually void your EV battery warranty. Each manufacturer’s Ts and Cs vary, so always read the fine print of your battery warranty to make sure you’re completely aware of what not to do. But for most manufacturers, the main things that void your warranty include:

    • Using a non-standard charger
    • Damage caused by installing non-approved parts
    • Damage caused by opening the battery coolant reservoir
    • Failing to install software or firmware updates
    • Damages or failures caused by repairs performed by non-certified technicians
    • Lifting the vehicle from underneath the battery instead of designated body lift points
    • Failure to make repairs
    • Using vehicle for towing and exceeding load limits
    • General abuse or neglect
    • Using the battery as a stationary power source (don’t even think about it!)

What to avoid doing to protect your warranty

1. Using an inappropriate charger

Whatever you do, don’t charge your EV with an incompatible charger. You wouldn’t grab a Samsung cord and try charging your iPhone with it, right? Same applies for electric vehicles. Except, you’ll be up for a lot more money to replace the battery than it costs to replace a smartphone.

2. Opening the battery coolant reservoir

You know what they say: curiosity killed the cat. But, in this case, it could also kill your battery warranty. Opening the battery coolant reservoir is something you should leave to the professionals – in many cases, if it gets damaged while opening it, you’ll void your warranty.

3. Using your EV battery as a stationary power source

Never do this. Just, don’t. Using your EV battery pack to power your home is the quickest way to void your warranty, with manufacturers like Tesla instating a no-tolerance policy on this one.

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