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Portable Charger or Dedicated Home Charging Station – Which Is Right For You?

Portability is a pretty cool thing. And, in many cases, a portable item outweighs its stationary counterpart by a mile. Dyson vacuums, for one, outdo plug-in vacuums on basically every level; they’re nimble yet powerful, convenient and fun to use. Plug-in vacuums imply bulky bodies and tangled, knotted-up cords, making you want to leave them […]

What Does Australia’s EV Charging Station Rollout Look Like?

In 2021, electric vehicle sales tripled in Australia. If you’re keen on saving petrol money and reducing your carbon footprint, this should be music to your ears. So, now, the next question: what about charging stations? Finding somewhere to fill up a petrol car is a piece of pie. There are servos absolutely everywhere. EV […]

Who Can Service My Electric Vehicle?

When it comes to most mechanical items, you’ve probably got someone who can help you out when things go wrong. A neighbour who’s handy with whipper-snippers, a mate who’s good with iPhones, your local mechanic who you’ve known for years. But electric vehicles are pretty new, so you might not have a contact who can […]

Should You Attempt To Service Your EV Car Yourself?

Are you the type of person who, no matter what, will always try giving the job a crack yourself rather than calling a professional? We appreciate your self-determination, and it’s a great mentality for loads of different tasks – like cleaning your gutters or mowing the lawn. But, unless you’re a qualified EV mechanic, servicing […]

Are EVs More Expensive To Service?

You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again: electric vehicles are the way of the future. And it’s not just all talk, either. Signatory nations of the Glasgow Declaration, including the UK, Canada and Mexico, have committed to phasing out the combustion motor and going all-electric by the year 2040. Judging by the fact […]

When Should You Start Considering Making The Leap To an EV?

Electric vehicles are the way of the future – and that’s a matter of fact. It’s no secret that, soon enough, the world will only be producing electric vehicles and that the combustion motor will be remembered only in history books and museums. It’s happening faster than you’d expect: signatory nations of the Glasgow Declaration, […]

Are Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Eligible For The Same Leasing Agreements As Petrol Cars?

Electric and hybrid vehicles are steeply climbing in popularity, all over the world. Last year in Australia, they tripled in sales. In Norway, over 70% of new car sales are electric cars. Buying an electric car has never been easier. But what about leasing one? Novated leases are one of the best ways to score […]