What Does Australia’s EV Charging Station Rollout Look Like?

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What Does Australia’s EV Charging Station Rollout Look Like?

In 2021, electric vehicle sales tripled in Australia. If you’re keen on saving petrol money and reducing your carbon footprint, this should be music to your ears. So, now, the next question: what about charging stations?

Finding somewhere to fill up a petrol car is a piece of pie. There are servos absolutely everywhere. EV charging stations, on the other hand, aren’t quite that ubiquitous yet. But are we rolling them out at a fast enough pace?

In this post, the auto experts at Carbroker.com.au take a look at what Australia’s EV charging station rollout looks like, so you can invest in an EV with confidence.

Australia commits to more charging stations

The Australian Government has made a commitment to spending over $178 million on electric vehicle infrastructure, showing that electric vehicles are steadily becoming the future of Australian transport. This means you’re going to see a lot more charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as hydrogen refuelling sites – which, currently, are almost non-existent in Australia.

State governments also contribute

And that $178 million is just what the Australian Government is chipping in; the various State Governments have their own budgets for rolling out more electric vehicle charging stations.

The NSW Government, for example, is committing to spend almost the same amount – $171 million – on electric vehicle chargers over the next four years.

Victoria is also spending some big bucks on upgrading EV infrastructure. They’re spending $29 million on bringing more electric vehicle chargers to rural Victoria, hoping to stimulate more sales of electric cars in country Australia – and they’re converting government vehicles to low- or zero-emission by 2023.

Australia compared to other nations

Australia’s electric vehicle sales tripled in 2021, but they still only made up 1.6% of total light vehicle sales. In Norway, the world’s leading nation in EV uptake, electric vehicles made up almost 80% of new vehicle sales. But those Norwegians have always been ahead of their time.

Should you invest in an electric vehicle now?

Some things are better to sit on and wait. But when it comes to investing in an EV, there’s no time like the present. Electric vehicle infrastructure is only going to get better and better in Australia. As we make the shift towards EVs, along with the rest of the world, petrol cars will soon be phased out and we’ll be running on exclusively battery-powered cars.

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