Should You Attempt To Service Your EV Car Yourself?

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Should You Attempt To Service Your EV Car Yourself?

Are you the type of person who, no matter what, will always try giving the job a crack yourself rather than calling a professional?

We appreciate your self-determination, and it’s a great mentality for loads of different tasks – like cleaning your gutters or mowing the lawn.

But, unless you’re a qualified EV mechanic, servicing your EV yourself is not something you should ever try to attempt. Even if you know your way around a combustion engine, that knowledge isn’t always transferrable to a hybrid or even less-so an EV… considering there’s no engine.

Here’s why you should never attempt to service your EV on your own, and why the professionals at should help you out instead.

High voltage work

Isolating the battery in a petrol car when you want to work on it is easy. But on an electric vehicle, it’s not the same story. EVs have a whole network of cables running to and from the giant lithium battery and the rest of the car’s components, such as electric motors, inverters and chargers. If you get something wrong, there’s a huge risk of electrocution.

There are few similarities with petrol cars

While there are some similarities with petrol cars, like having a steering wheel, accelerator and brake, there are also a heap of differences – particularly under the hood. Common procedures for a petrol car that you might do yourself include checking the oil, changing the oil and flushing the coolant. But EVs don’t have an engine or radiator grilles – so, even if you’re a solid backyard mechanic, your skills may not be transferable.

Non-mechanical maintenance is fine

The good news is, if you’re a rev-head who takes pride in their own maintenance of their car, there are still some things you can tackle on your own accord. Changing tyres and wiper blades on an EV is no different to changing them on petrol cars. Topping up wiper fluid is no different either.

Do you need to take your EV to the dealership for a service?

Another spot of good news is that, due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, there are more and more mechanics who are qualified to work on them. And, yep, that means you don’t have to fork out for the hefty fees of visiting the dealership for a service.

The team at are Australia’s best when you need to switch to an EV. They’re not a dealership – they’re a broking team, meaning they work for you by negotiating with car dealers, essentially playing them off one another. The team at Carbroker are driven to get you the best deal on your next car, so get in touch with them today and step into your EV sooner.