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With The Delay In New Car Shipments, Consider Switching Out Your Balloon Payments

For the past couple years, we’ve been going through a dry patch. Nope, not in terms of rain – we’ve been good on that front. The dry patch we’re referring to is all about new cars. It’s been tough getting the car you want in Australia, thanks to a global shortage in semiconductor chips which […]

Why Do Car Dealerships Only Offer Fixed-Rate Loans?

Car dealerships are notorious for having all sorts of tricks up their sleeve, which are designed to achieve one thing and one thing only: extract more money out of you, the buyer. It should be said that not all car dealerships use these sneaky tricks and there are plenty that are upfront and honest. But […]

Why Should You Think Twice Before Buying A New Car Right Now?

Buying a new car is supposed to be a fun, rewarding experience that comes with zero inhibitions. That’s what it’s supposed to be. But at the moment, many Australians are finding themselves thinking twice about buying a new car, turning it into more of a chore than an exciting new chapter in life. So, what’s […]

When Should You Start Considering Making The Leap To an EV?

Electric vehicles are the way of the future – and that’s a matter of fact. It’s no secret that, soon enough, the world will only be producing electric vehicles and that the combustion motor will be remembered only in history books and museums. It’s happening faster than you’d expect: signatory nations of the Glasgow Declaration, […]

Are Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Eligible For The Same Leasing Agreements As Petrol Cars?

Electric and hybrid vehicles are steeply climbing in popularity, all over the world. Last year in Australia, they tripled in sales. In Norway, over 70% of new car sales are electric cars. Buying an electric car has never been easier. But what about leasing one? Novated leases are one of the best ways to score […]