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Are Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Eligible For The Same Leasing Agreements As Petrol Cars?

Electric and hybrid vehicles are steeply climbing in popularity, all over the world. Last year in Australia, they tripled in sales. In Norway, over 70% of new car sales are electric cars. Buying an electric car has never been easier. But what about leasing one? Novated leases are one of the best ways to score […]

When Can We Expect Fuel Prices To Return To Normal?

During the peak of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, there was a once hopeful phrase that helped us cling on to the remainder of our sanity: when things return to normal. Back then, it seemed as realistic as saying, ‘when pigs fly’ or ‘when the Gold Coast Suns win a premiership’. But as things finally are […]

How Far-Away World Events Affect Australian Fuel Prices

In today’s global society, the perks of being intrinsically connected to other countries are plentiful. We benefit from trading resources with other countries. We get exposed to different cultures and learn about the ways of life of others. We can travel quite freely and easily. But these advantages can sometimes come with a catch: events […]

When Is the Best Time to Get a Novated Lease?

If you’re keen to get yourself a novated lease through your workplace, and it’s available to you, then you’ve got to think about the best time to secure one before you start jumping for joy. Novated leases can be undertaken at any time of the year – you don’t need to wait around for Santa […]