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The 5 Most Common Car Dealer Tricks To Be Wary Of

We can all picture the stereotypical, ‘bad guy’ car dealer. He’s either a charismatic, seemingly friendly, smiling-but-barely-concealing-his-fangs type operator – or he’s blunt and nasty, like Danny Devito as Matilda’s dad in the movie Matilda. So, when it comes to the nasty tricks of these nasty characters, what are we supposed to look out for? […]

How Long Is Australia’s Used Car Boom Going to Last?

Being able to predict the future would be an awesome superpower, wouldn’t it? Not because you could tell how life is going to unfold for you in the years to come, but because you’d be absolutely filthy rich. Imagine investing in Microsoft when Bill Gates was mucking around with computers in his garage, or throwing […]

Just Arrived from Abroad? How Carbroker.com.au Can Help You Get Your Feet on the Ground

You’ve just landed in Australia from a different country. It’s probably hot and everyone is wearing thongs. They’re also eating these round crusty objects called meat pies and they smell delicious. We know it can be a little bit of a culture shock coming to Australia (even if your first experience here wasn’t as stereotypically […]