Are Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Eligible For The Same Leasing Agreements As Petrol Cars?

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Are Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Eligible For The Same Leasing Agreements As Petrol Cars?

Electric and hybrid vehicles are steeply climbing in popularity, all over the world. Last year in Australia, they tripled in sales. In Norway, over 70% of new car sales are electric cars.

Buying an electric car has never been easier. But what about leasing one? Novated leases are one of the best ways to score yourself a sweet new ride… so, can that ride be electric?

Short answer: yes

There aren’t many rules when it comes to car leasing agreements. Your vehicle can be powered by a combustion engine, an electric battery, a hybrid of the two… pretty much anything apart from a horse-drawn carriage or a team of husky sled dogs (although, maybe in Alaska it’s a different story). Here’s how to get yourself an electric or hybrid vehicle under a novated lease:

Check with your employer first

Having an employer who offers novated leases is a crucial part of the process. Your employment is the main way that you prove you can afford to make the lease payments, and it’s also important for the claiming of expenses on tax. Have a conversation with your employer about whether they’re willing to offer novated leases. Theoretically, all employers are able to do this.

Find the perfect lease on the perfect car

Next, it’s all about choosing the right car. In the past, novated leases have been popular for gas-guzzling utility vehicles like 4WDs, utes and twin-cabs. But with electric vehicles seeing a surge in availability, popularity and affordability, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t choose an electric vehicle when entering a novated lease.

Some of the types of electric vehicles that you can get on a novated lease include:

  • Sedans: from the practical Toyota Camry to the sporty Tesla Model S, sedans are widely available in hybrid models.
  • Hatches: the Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular budget hatchback EVs, whereas Mercedes Benz are making hatches for the higher end of the market, like their A250.
  • 4WDs: Surprised to see this on the list? Mercedes, Ford and Tesla are all making 4WDs that will be hitting Australia’s shores soon enough.
  • Twin cabs: Twin cabs are one of the most popular work vehicles here in Australia – and, soon enough, these big rigs will be flooding the Aussie market.

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