Who Can Service My Electric Vehicle?

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Who Can Service My Electric Vehicle?

When it comes to most mechanical items, you’ve probably got someone who can help you out when things go wrong. A neighbour who’s handy with whipper-snippers, a mate who’s good with iPhones, your local mechanic who you’ve known for years.

But electric vehicles are pretty new, so you might not have a contact who can sort you out when servicing yours.

20 years ago, it would have been hard to find a mechanic who could service electric vehicles. But today, luckily, there are plenty of qualified providers of electric vehicle services. Here, we’ll discuss your options for servicing if you own an electric vehicle, or if you’re thinking about making the switch to electric.

Independent mechanics

Electric vehicles sales in Australia are growing rapidly – and so are the number of independent mechanics who are qualified to work on them. We can assure you that there are several reputable mechanics in your city who have experience in servicing hybrid and electric vehicles.

Take a look online and check out the reviews of your local electric vehicle mechanic. Independent mechanics are often far more affordable than dealerships when it comes to servicing, which is a massive plus.

Will it void my warranty?

Nope, servicing your electric vehicle at an independent mechanic won’t void your warranty. It’s a common misconception about independent mechanics which needs to be put to bed right away.

Australian consumer law enables us to take our car to any qualified mechanic, whether or not they’re ‘authorised’ by the vehicle manufacturer. The manufacturer may state that your car must be serviced by ‘authorised’ staff, using ‘genuine parts’. However, by law, you are not required to have the servicing completed by an authorised person, and you are not required to use genuine parts. This is explicitly stated in consumer law, to allow for competition and prevent dealerships from running a monopoly on services and repairs.

What will void your warranty, however, is using the incorrect charger for the battery or using your EV battery to power your home. Not a good idea.

Car dealerships

If you do want to take your electric vehicle to the dealership to get it serviced, you certainly can. It’s true that you’re taking less of a risk with dealership mechanics and their work will be of a better quality than a lower-rated independent mechanic.

But beware that dealership services are notorious for costing more than independent services and that they may sting you for extra little costs here and there. They have to make up for that free coffee and sparkling water somehow!

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