Motor brokers in Australia. Why A1 Car Broker is different!

If you manage to find a motor broker who displays his prices on his web site, you have found something rare indeed!

Motor brokers are generally not that different to car dealerships. They will virtually always need to speak to you on the phone. This way the motor broker can pressure you into making a decision. We are one of the few motor brokers that are national! We broker in every capital city including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Canberra as well as regional cities.

How to deal with motor brokers

Ask the motor broker what their fees are. Most likely, they will avoid the question using some tactic (i.e. "My fee is included in the total price you pay. If I beat the $35,000 you've been quoted, you will still be happy, won't you?"). Keep repeating the question, and he might say "We normally charge $400". It is common for motor brokers to charge $400 directly to the customer. But then again, he did say "normally". So that's not a straight answer. Keep asking. Ask how much he will charge you in this particular case. Eventually you may corner him sufficiently to get a straight answer.

Used cars and motor brokers

Most motor brokers start salivating when they hear you have a car to trade in. Used cars are usually gold mines for both motor brokers and car dealers. We reject the notion that motor brokers should on the one hand give you a great price on a new car but then take a great profit on the trade in. You should always protect yourself and maximise your trade in price by using our unique MaxTrade system. A1 Motor Broker does not deal directly with your trade in, but we do show you how not to get ripped off!

Which motor broker should I use, then?

We recommend you use us:A1 Car Broker. We are Australia wide, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin and other places all over Australia. We fully disclose our fixed fee to you, and we guarantee you the best price. We can also show you how to maximise your trade-in price. We help you with any make, including Ford, Holden, Honda, Audi, Mitsubishi, KIA,mercedes,chrysler,mazda,hyundai, volvo and others.