How Far-Away World Events Affect Australian Fuel Prices

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How Far-Away World Events Affect Australian Fuel Prices

In today’s global society, the perks of being intrinsically connected to other countries are plentiful. We benefit from trading resources with other countries. We get exposed to different cultures and learn about the ways of life of others. We can travel quite freely and easily. But these advantages can sometimes come with a catch: events […]

The 5 Most Common Car Dealer Tricks To Be Wary Of

We can all picture the stereotypical, ‘bad guy’ car dealer. He’s either a charismatic, seemingly friendly, smiling-but-barely-concealing-his-fangs type operator – or he’s blunt and nasty, like Danny Devito as Matilda’s dad in the movie Matilda. So, when it comes to the nasty tricks of these nasty characters, what are we supposed to look out for? […]

When Is the Best Time to Get a Novated Lease?

If you’re keen to get yourself a novated lease through your workplace, and it’s available to you, then you’ve got to think about the best time to secure one before you start jumping for joy. Novated leases can be undertaken at any time of the year – you don’t need to wait around for Santa […]

How Long Is Australia’s Used Car Boom Going to Last?

Being able to predict the future would be an awesome superpower, wouldn’t it? Not because you could tell how life is going to unfold for you in the years to come, but because you’d be absolutely filthy rich. Imagine investing in Microsoft when Bill Gates was mucking around with computers in his garage, or throwing […]