Why Is Comprehensive Insurance Compulsory with a Car Loan?

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Just Arrived from Abroad? How Carbroker.com.au Can Help You Get Your Feet on the Ground

You’ve just landed in Australia from a different country. It’s probably hot and everyone is wearing thongs. They’re also eating these round crusty objects called meat pies and they smell delicious. We know it can be a little bit of a culture shock coming to Australia (even if your first experience here wasn’t as stereotypically […]

Dealer Versus Aftermarket Options, Which Saves You More Money?

You’ve done your research, got a good price from the dealer and now you’re just about to sign the contract for purchasing your new car. But wait, there’s more! Your dealer is about to start talking ‘extras’. This scenario usually produces two different reactions from the customer. The first is that the customer ‘ooohs’ and […]

Tips to Get the Most Value Out of Your Deal

Buying or leasing a new car is a reason to celebrate – but only if you do it properly. The biggest mistake that Australians make when upgrading their vehicle is to walk into a caryard without doing their research. It’s a costly error which could end up in thousands of dollars of excess payment due […]